4th December 2007

A Visit To Shanghai, China. Part One.

By: Salihu Ibrahim

It looks like all roads leads to China these days. If you are into business, attending one training course,or taking a vacation , your most likely destination could be one Chinese city or the other. China is fast becoming an ecomnomic powerhouse and with it comes properity and modernization. China is also one of the few places not affected by modern terrorism. So how about taking a visit to china on your next vacation.

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4th December 2007

Arizona In All Its Colorful Glory

By: Alicia Bankford

Arizona is one of the most colorful places to vacation.Between enchanting sunrises and sunsets and the colorfulfields, pine forests with the ever-changing climates andmoutain ranges that seem to change colors by the minute,it is art for the eye.

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4th December 2007

Mexico Beaches – Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel

by Nomad Rick

Mexico has beautiful beaches on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean. In this article, we look at two hot spots on the east coast – Playa del Carmen and Cozumel

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4th December 2007

Breckenridge Ski Retreat

By: Jennifer Weiss

As one of the most popular winter ski destinations in Colorado, Breckenridge has everything you need for a snow-filled getaway filled to the brim with exciting adventures. The next time you want to hit the slopes at a world-class resort and enjoy a ride down the face of a mountain unlike any other, make your way to the Breckenridge Resort for the winter excursion of a lifetime.

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