31st December 2007

A Pilgrim in Kamakura

By: Michael Tasseron

Made from 121 tons of bronze, 13 meters tall, and built in 1252, this bronze survivor shaded in green looks over the town of KamakuraAncient capital of Japan during the Kamakura shogunate, from 1185 to 1333. One hour from Tokyo. Very cultural city where best of traditional Japan is still alive..

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31st December 2007

Koh Samui, a Tropical Paradise

Author: alisterbredee

Picture an island nestling in the calm, azure blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand fringed by coral reefs with beaches of powder soft white sand framed by a backdrop of coconut trees, their fronds dancing in the gentle breeze. The palms stretch upward to the central uplands, thick with lush tropical vegetation. The coast and lower slopes are awash with coconut palms making Koh Samui the ‘Coconut Capital of Thailand’.

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31st December 2007

The Wye Valley – an idyllic blend

by John Shelabarger

The Wye Valley is perhaps the most scenic region in the United Kingdom. Situated on the border between England and Wales, it consists of dense, green woodland and dramatic limestone gorges. Designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty in 1971, it is the birthplace of British tourism and has attracted visitors from far and wide for over a hundred years.

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31st December 2007

Heat Up Winter with a Last Minute Romance in New England

by Ryan Sevale

What are you doing this weekend? Imagine yourself by the fire in a cozy cabin. The weather outside may be frightful, but New England is the perfect place for a last minute romantic getaway. If you’re in the mood for love, New England has just the right mood for you. Here’s just a small sampling of the delicious romance you can find in one of the coziest winter holiday spots in the country.

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