31st July 2008

Outdoor Lovers Love Branson Missouri

by Dave Wertz

If enjoying the outdoors is at the top of your vacation needs, Branson Missouri is the perfect destination. Nestled in the Southwest part of the state among Ozark Mountains, the Branson Missouri weather makes experiencing the outdoors easy throughout the entire year.

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31st July 2008

The Perfect Getaway from Phoenix

by Steve Sasman

“If you live in Phoenix Arizona, you probably love the desert climate. Year around sun and it never gets too cold. However, the 3 or 4 months of summer can be downright suffocating, with many days over 110 degrees. So, what can you possibly do to escape the heat?

Go North Young Man!

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31st July 2008

Log Cabin Stay Like Being in Sound of Music

Author: Cary Ordway

Ever been captivated by those beautiful log homes you see in those glossy magazines? Well you don’t have to build one — just rent one for the weekend in one of the Northwest’s most beautiful locations.

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31st July 2008

Roppongi Hills

Author: E Cho

Minoru Mori had a vision of building a city within the city of Tokyo, and after seventeen years with the help of some four hundred of Tokyo’s individual landowners, his vision was realized in 2003. Roppongi Hills is an eleven-hectare vertical city, and its centerpiece, the fifty-four story Mori Tower, can be seen from all over Tokyo.

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31st July 2008

The Alternative To Hotels In Paris: Small Independent Accommodations

by Celso Riva

If you are familiar with France, it will not be hard to believe that it is the most visited country in the world. When most people think about France, they are likely envisioning Paris, one of the most iconic cities the world has ever known.

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