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29th March 2009

Top Five Beach Wedding Destinations

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by AnnaStenning

Weddings are undoubtedly the most memorable event for anyone. This is the one day that the happy couple finally seal their love for each other and look forward to many lasting years together. However, I am a realist and realise that this is unfortunately not always the case for some people. The wedding celebration is still remembered and this is the part the matters the most. A wedding ceremony is a celebration of a union of a couple in love, and the celebration can either be held in a traditional church or be barefoot on the beach of a Caribbean resort.

Beach weddings are probably the most popular and romantic way to celebrate two people uniting. For some this could be a dream come true, yet others prefer to stay indoors for a wedding keeping their garments clean and sand free. However, for me a wedding is celebrated in a way that the couple and the guests will remember for a long time. Therefore, the first most important decision to make is whether to have the wedding in warm Caribbean resort or closer to Europe on the Spanish holiday beach. The following are my top five beach wedding destinations, judged on by the aesthetic appeal of the area and its popularity.

At fifth place, I believe is a beautiful historical country, famous for its vineyards and relaxed warm climate. It is of course Tuscany, Italy. This is an ideal place for people looking to marry a little closer to home, with a touch of class and surrounding mountainous scenery. The cuisines are simple and exquisite. The greenery around are lush yet act as a blank canvas, free for you to be as creative as you like with your special day.

Fourth place would be the beautiful and ever popular Caribbean resort islands. The sands are almost crisp white and the ocean is as deep blue as they are portrayed in most films. The Caribbean islands are reputed to have the best service for all sized parties, full diverse guest list, personalised wedding planning agents and colourful exotic foods. The weather is warm most of the year so there is no worry of rainfall.

In third place is the ever more relaxing Maui in Hawaii. This is a very popular and old favourite for weddings, however it is not just the beaches that entice the couple to be hitched, it is the option of marrying on a plantation estate that provides a truly luxurious celebration. Add to that the option of sunrise nuptial or even go mad to wed on top of the Haleakala crater!

Second place falls to Riviera Maya in Mexico. Even though this great for a relaxing holiday, this also remains a popular destination for walking up the aisles with flowers in your hair. Mexico not only offers the stunning beaches, but there are numerous villas that make it possible to opt for a lavish indoor wedding, topped with spicy Mexican cuisine and a delightful traditional band.

Finally, my top beach wedding destination is Montego Bay, Jamaica. This is diverse in its guests list, allows ample creativity in the theme of your ceremony (namely bright, musical and colourful designs). The beach weddings attract friendly locals and can range from casual beach parties to elegant plantation celebrations. Add to this the wonderful light cuisines and the brilliant dancing, you will fulfil your dream of having a memorable day.

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Anna Stenning loves to visit the Caribbean resort, having witnessed a beach wedding celebrated on the island. For about luxury resorts and hotels click on

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