31st January 2011

Best Beaches of the World and Where to Find Them

By Lam Bong

Whenever people need to relax perhaps after several weeks of hectic schedule from work, busy family life and a lot of evens and gatherings that they attended, they want to head right away to the beach. Who would not want to enjoy swimming in the deep blue water and feel the soft sand on your skin? It is just the place to be whether you want to go alone, be with you family or enjoy a short vacation trip with your friends.

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31st January 2011

Five Unusual hotels in New York City

By Becky Padmore

New York is a fantastic city to visit and if you’re fond of the unusual here are five very unique styles of hotels and other accommodation that you can find in the big apple.

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31st January 2011

A Delightful Small Inn on Antigua

By Ana Long

Are you looking for somewhere different in Antigua, which is cheap and is not a glitzy hotel. Perhaps you don’t believe that you can find bed and breakfast style accommodation which you will love and want to return to. It’s likely that you are not alone in thinking like that.

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31st January 2011

Places to visit in Chicago

By David F. Pinochet

Chicago is known for being “the city of work”. It acquired its name from the large buildings and skyscrapers scattered all around the city. The unique location of the huge city embracing the Lake Michigan made it one of the most visited US cities all the time long. Those who visit chicao for business or pleasure will enjoy their time in the city because of the enormous number of attractions in it. Planning of your visit upfront is a must.

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30th January 2011

Places to Visit in Oslo, Norway

by Juha Wihtahousu

Norway is located in the western area of the North Europe. The capital of Norway is Oslo, which is the scientific, cultural, economic and governmental center of Norway.

The most thrilling park in the city of Oslo is Vigeland Sculpture Park. This exceptional park is a park that shows the life work of Gustav Vigeland (1869 - 1943) who was a legendary sculptor. You’ll discover more than two hundred different sculptures that are in cast bronze, granite and iron.

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