31st May 2011

Great Family Cruises Even Baby Can Enjoy

by Claire Collins

If you’re desperate for a holiday but dread the thought of taking your baby through the stress of air travel, then fear not, there is another way. Cruises make the ideal alternative, offering security, convenience, and taking the hassle out of travel. While not every cruise can cater for your infant, an increasing number of cruise lines are providing baby-friendly facilities, so check out which ones to look for.

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31st May 2011

Choosing A Waterside Vacation - Relaxing Or Action Packed

By: Stewart Wrighter

Have you ever pictured vacation in a private cabin on a lakeside surrounded by spectacular scenery? Or perhaps you are more into summer relaxation and love the beach. Then why not check out the possibilities of the many great opportunities out there? South Lake Tahoe vacation rentals for example are one possibility where you can make your escape to the winter snow or if you prefer a summer get away then Newport Beach vacation rentals presents the famed sandy beaches and endless coastline to explore.

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31st May 2011

Uniqueness of Montreal Lies in its Museums

By Rakesh Jha

Montreal is one of the largest cities in entire North America. The vibrant city is famous for its contemporary culture, international festivals, Formula One Racing and vivacious nightlife. However, attractions in Montreal don’t end here. Every year number of tourists take cheap flights to Montreal especially to visit its museums.

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31st May 2011

State Campgrounds on Florida’s East Coast

By: Larry West

With all the attractions Florida has to offer, it becomes hard at times to decide which one you may want to do. If the beach is what you are looking for, I recommend camping at one of the State Campgrounds listed below.

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30th May 2011

European Festivals

By: Tamara Jacobs

One of the best parts about living in Europe is the ease and affordability of travel. Even those working full-time for minimal wages can budget in weekends in Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague and Paris. It obviously helps to have friends waiting for you on the other side who can provide comfort and accommodation, but either way these trips are doable.

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