31st December 2011

Visiting France As A Beautiful Country in Europe

By David Tatham

Every year holidaymakers flock to the breathtaking Dordogne area in south-west France. A multitude of activities and sightseeing opportunities can be enjoyed in the beautiful countryside which include water activities, admiring architectural magnificence and visiting local markets. Enjoy an array of picturesque landscapes, luxury lodges and experience the rich cultural heritage

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31st December 2011

Camping Sites Near Ogunquit, Amazing Town at the Maine’s Coast

By Joseph Pressley

Every person loves the beach. You can do a lot of outdoor activities on the sand and cool water. Swimming, boating or parasailing are just few of the things that you can do. Aside from that, you can play certain sports on the sand like volleyball, Frisbee or games on who makes the most beautiful sand castle. You can even enjoy your time in the beach by just looking at the great view of the sun setting down and rising from the horizon.

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31st December 2011

Singles Holidays: A Terrific Vacation

By Byron Dyson

If you wish to go on holiday and you’re single like me, you almost certainly don’t want to see one of those luxurious resorts that are aimed towards young couples. On the other hand, you probably want somewhere where you can relax, get pampered, and really incorporate some high quality “me” time.You need to undoubtedly consider St. Lucia if you’re looking for the destination to have your next singles holiday, as I have recently discovered that St. Lucia is perfectly the perfect place to do that.

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31st December 2011

Florida - A Year Round Golfer’s Paradise

By Colin Michaels

Florida is one of the top tourist destinations in the world attracting more than seventy million people every year. While many immediately think of the famous theme parks in Orlando, such as Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios, golf is also a huge draw due to the year round balmy weather. There are more than one thousand golf courses, many at world class Florida golf resorts and spas that rival the most luxurious found anywhere else in the world.

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30th December 2011

Feelings of Romantic Prague and Luxury Budapest

by Emma Beth

Autumn is a golden season. The Northern Hemisphere is the colorful autumn, while the southern hemisphere is the spring flowers bloom. I believe a lot of friends, no stranger to East (middle) Europe, Budapest, Prague, these familiar and unfamiliar place, Kafka, Petofi, these familiar names, all from a mysterious piece of land.

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