9th August 2013

Lyon City Festivals in France

By: frenchvisa

Lyon is a city in France with lights and delights. Lyon has a lot of culture. It was the city where Lumiere brothers invented the cinema. It is the third largest city in France. The population of Lyon is 500,000 approximately. This city is known for its historical and heritage sites like the UNESCO heritage building.

The city is also popularly renowned known for its famous light festival ‘Fête des Lumière’ which occurs around Christmas every year on 8 December.

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8th August 2013

A Beautiful City To Visit In Europe - Berlin, Germany!

By: Myberlin uk

Berlin is a  city of culture, politics, and media and packed with endless sights. Berlin is knownfor nightlife, cafes, clubs, bars, museums, and palaces. It is capital of German and famous for its top-famous architecture, modernity and a fast pace of life. Berlin is rare gem of a Western European capital, full of culture and attractions. This city is now a thriving, welcoming tourist, modern and exciting destination.

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7th August 2013

Alanya - Off the Beaten Path

by Lukas Johannes

If you’ve taken the trip from Antalya to Alanya several times in the past and your excursions were limited to the popular destinations, this time, perhaps these off-the-beaten-path natural attractions will open your eyes (and senses) to the other delights Alanya has to offer.

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5th August 2013

Tuscany - The Cultural Holiday Of A Lifetime

by Giovanni Balboni

Tuscany has been a popular destination for holidaymakers for many years and for many reasons. Beautiful landscapes, incredible food and a wonderful cultural heritage are just some of those reasons. Taking a holiday in one of the wonderful villas in Tuscany will give you access to all of these.

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4th August 2013

Sunny Beach Holidays – Choose The Right Beach Holiday For You And Your Family

By: Miriam Davies

Sunny Beach is the biggest summer resort in Bulgaria. It’s located about 30km north from Bourgas Airport and 100km south from Varna Airport. It’s a preferred destination for Europe and Russian tourists who are returning year after year because of the perfect climate. This is the biggest sea resorts in Bulgaria, situated in the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast

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