7th August 2013

Alanya - Off the Beaten Path

by Lukas Johannes

If you’ve taken the trip from Antalya to Alanya several times in the past and your excursions were limited to the popular destinations, this time, perhaps these off-the-beaten-path natural attractions will open your eyes (and senses) to the other delights Alanya has to offer.

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4th August 2013

Sunny Beach Holidays – Choose The Right Beach Holiday For You And Your Family

By: Miriam Davies

Sunny Beach is the biggest summer resort in Bulgaria. It’s located about 30km north from Bourgas Airport and 100km south from Varna Airport. It’s a preferred destination for Europe and Russian tourists who are returning year after year because of the perfect climate. This is the biggest sea resorts in Bulgaria, situated in the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast

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30th July 2013

Omis Riviera in Croatia

By: Zara Matej

Croatia is truly one of the most gorgeous must-visit destination in the Western europe. That is the territory of a lot more then one thousand islands. Which is the territory of unspoiled and brilliant natural scenery. Just about all of that is certainly the reason why vacationers from the worldwide pay a visit to Croatia every year.

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27th July 2013

Vacation Location- Eye-Catching Santorini, Greece

By: Kathryn J. Mays Mays

The beauty of Santorini is a combination of human efforts and nature. If the individual really wants to spend quality time with his family or loved ones then Santorini Island is considered to be the best place. Person is able to get everything here easily from gorgeous surrounding to luxurious hotels.

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1st March 2013

Some Stunning Sights of Puglia

By: Helen Forbes

Puglia is a stunning part of Italy, and one that can make an ideal destination for a holiday break, whether long or short. There is no shortage of wonderful Puglia hotels and the region is ripe for exploration. The great thing about visiting this part of Italy is that everywhere you turn youll see delightful places to visit. Weve put a few of them together in this article so youve got a head start on the itinerary for your holiday. Where will you head for first?

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